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Trademarks, Labels

Your enterprise has at least one trademark – the name. A number of enterprises use various trademarks – slogans, logos, domain words, program names (if an enterprise is involved in several different business activities), product names and labels (for manufacturers), outdoor signs etc.
We perceive trademarks as something that differentiates your enterprise from other enterprises – your enterprise quality labels.
Developing your enterprise you at the same time develop your trademark. A trademark becomes more known and, therefore, is more valuable. Despite presence of foreign trademarks (“Colgate”, “Mercedes”, “Coca-Cola”, “IBM”), there are also many local enterprises in Latvia that can be proud of their trademarks.
One can make a trademark his/her property by registering it in compliance with the procedure stipulated by the law. Registration is in force on the territory specified at the registration.
In order to warn about one’s property rights for a specific mark, the owner of the registered trademark can put a cautionary label ® on its mark.
The one of our bureau’s main working fields is to help our clients to protect their trademarks properly and to fight against trademark violators.

Trivia facts:

  • The first marks with which the makers labelled their products were found on the items, made in ancient Greece, Assyria, Rome and Egypt. But the items found in India were made in 1300 BC.
  • The oldest one from the known trademarks nowadays is “Lowenbrau”. This mark was produced in 1383.
  • Thomas J. Lipton started merchandising tea in 1889.
  • Czech and American struggle for the trademark “Budweiser” has been lasting for more than 100 years.

We offer:

  • trademark registration in Latvia;
  • trademark registration outside Latvia;
  • preparation and dispatch of warning letters to trademark violators;
  • appeal and suit application preparation and submission in case of trademark violation;
  • trademark licences / purchase agreements preparation;
  • representation of interests in the Appeal Council of Latvian Patent Office;
  • consultations in view of everything mentioned above.