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Enterprise Image Protection

You can be sure that every your client has made an impression about your enterprise. Each has his/her own one, but similar in many ways. Looking back on your enterprise, each user remembers his/her feelings, positive or negative. Each of them calls his/her feelings regarding your enterprise differently – impression, atmosphere, background or image.

In this context we suggest operating with the word “image”.

The image of your enterprise is created by totality of many things. Among such things one can mention benevolence of your employees, quality of your products or services, your office interior’s luxury, your own area of thought and manner of speaking.

Besides, among the things, which make the image of your enterprise, one can mention a uniform of your employees, the colors of your firm, the shape and name of your products or services, smell in your office or shop, the form of your business card and outdoor, design of your homepage, logo, domain names and many other things. Opposite of the previous one, in this column the things are mentioned, which allow keeping property rights and not allow others using the attributes, which are similar to the image attributes of your enterprise.

We offer:

  • to share with us the objects, which affect the image of the enterprise and which could be protected;
  • to provide optimal protection of an object being shared;
  • to protect your interests in case of your company image’s violation;
  • consultations in view of everything mentioned above.