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Employment rights

For employers.
It is not a secret that nearly each of your employees is not fully satisfied with his remuneration. That is not also a secret that in 100 cases of employment disputes 80 are won by the employee.
According to the law, the employee is exempt from state tax payment submitting the claim statement against the employer to the court. The cases are known, when the same person submits the claim statements against several employers that had the employment relationships with this person in the past. For these purposes there are “professionals”, specialized in labor disputes.
As soon as the claim against you is submitted to the court you have already started to lose – to lose time, serenity, money for the juridical assistance. To reduce those expenses, a nonstandard solution is often needed.

Who works in your enterprise?

Recruiting a person it is possible to make a mistake in opinion about the recruited person. In any case employment contract you conclude must be perfect.

We offer:

  • to prepare the contracts of employment;
  • to prepare the contracts on material responsibility;
  • to prepare the contracts on business secret;
  • to prepare work order regulations, office instructions;
  • representation at the court;
  • consultations in view of everything mentioned above.