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Drafting and screening of agreements

Drafting agreement

Usually our clients address themselves having the problem occurred already. Either the agreement does not exist or the agreement has not been drafted correctly.
Many of those did not have the agreement at all while the relations with an actual debtor were good. However, as the debt started to increase the relations got spoiled.
Others having the employment contract did not state all the necessary legal employment aspects.
The frequent problems are the punitive sanctions, warranties and courts of arbitration, though concluding an agreement nobody thinks that those clauses of agreement will some day regulate the relations between the parties.
Apart from the problem the sources of origin are alike – the lack of time to draw the sufficient attention to the problem. Sometimes entrepreneurs endeavor to save money.
We advise you, when establishing any kind of relations, to use the assistance of the lawyer. Leastwise show your drafted contracts to the competent lawyer.
A useful idea is to join the legal maintenance program if your work foresees the drafting of numerous contracts.

Screening of agreements

If the cooperation agreement is proposed by your partners, the logical suggestion would be to screen the proposed agreement.
In practice it is not often that someone signs a contract without reading it first. In many cases though, contracts are signed without proper prior analysis of the proposed version of the agreement. Analysis of contracts is the competence of a lawyer, and you can count on it in our bureau.

We offer:

  • drafting contracts to ensure the work of the enterprise, to establish other legal relations;
  • screening and correction of the other party proposed agreements, according to your interests;
  • consultations in view of everything mentioned above.