Complete business services

Consultations and Seminars

During the consultation time our specialists will offer you the mostly comprehensive information concerning the matters of your interest. The consultation cost is 20 lats per hour.
In case the matter of your interest is out of our field of specialization, we involve other competitive specialists to give the consultation (or other service) under your authorization.

Free consultations.
Free consultations are offered to the pensioners and low income people.

Our specialists regularly run the seminars both in our office and at the client’s place. The usual duration of the seminar is about two hours. The themes of the seminars are the following:

  • Commercial law;
  • Trademarks, logo, symbols, commodities’ labels and the protection of these objects.

The standard fee for every seminar is 45 lats. Travel expenses are not included.

The prices are listed not including the VAT.