Complete business services

Legal services

  • Foundation of companies

    One of our bureau’s strong activity directions is dealing with data placed on record in the Enterprise / Commercial Register.

  • Contracts

    Usually our clients address themselves having the problem occurred already. Either the agreement does not exist or the agreement has not been drafted correctly.

  • Courts

    The work run preparing for each hearing is of the utmost importance and seriousness for our bureau. The mission of the representative is to declare the client’s truth briefly, concretely and clearly.

  • Collection of debts

    Our bureau deals with the two levels of retrieval of debts – pre-trial way and through the court.

  • Enterprise Image Protection

    You can be sure that every your client has made an impression about your enterprise. Each has his/her own one, but similar in many ways.

  • Trademarks, Labels

    We perceive trademarks as something that differentiates your enterprise from other enterprises – your enterprise quality labels.

  • Real Estate

    At times a house or an apartment is your most valuable property. One must not make a mistake when buying or selling it.

  • Nonstandard situations

    ust like every game has its own rules, our field of specialization has its own standards,. Nevertheless, sometimes the solution of the problem lies somewhere else, where no one expects it to be found.

  • Subscription for services

    Katram mūsu klientam tiek piedāvāta iespēja novērtēt un izmantot mūsu biroja juridisko (un/vai grāmatvedības) apkalpošanu, maksājot noteiktu cenu mēnesī (abonementu).

  • Consultations and Seminars

    During the consultation time our specialists will offer you the mostly comprehensive information concerning the matters of your interest.

  • Other Civil cases

    Each individual has not only to know his rights, but has to be able to realize them. You are welcome to realize it with our assistance.

  • Employment rights

    It is not a secret that nearly each of your employees is not fully satisfied with his remuneration. That is not also a secret that in 100 cases of employment disputes 80 are won by the employee.